Welcome! Ye Olde Dungeon Crawl is a (attempted) revival of an old Dungeons & Dragons campaign I was a part of many years ago of the same name. The game is open to anybody who wishes to play; no experience necessary!

  • The game itself will be played over OpenRPG. We will be using 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons rules; with the Rules Cyclopedia at it’s core.
  • We will be playing in a custom world, one which will grow and develop as the players explore and travel outside the initial area. Players are encouraged to help create this world.
  • The game will be played (at least initially) sandbox-style. What this means is an open-ended story in which the players are free to what they want, rather than being led through any particular adventure module or plot.
  • Role-playing will try to take precidence over hack-n-slash gameplay (contrary to the campaign’s title!). In the end though, it’s up to the players to steer the game in the direction they wish to take it.
  • The ultimate goal of the game is for everybody to have fun. Although we want to avoid total silliness, there’s no need to take things too seriously. Out-of-character joking around and silly banter is encouraged; in-character goofing around is alright too, as long as it’s appropriate to the character. Again, it’s all about having fun.

Ye Olde Dungeon Crawl