Ye Olde Dungeon Crawl

Down In The Valley

Three adventurers have recently finished their training at the humble Guild found in the small farming village of Downcliff, located at the base of the northern pass of the Caerin Valley. Blackguard the fighter, Sandralane the cleric, and Ringlerun the magic-user are encouraged to travel to the Temple of The Eyes of The Stars, which lies at the opposite end of the valley. A rare celestial event is said to be taking place in the near future; a cosmic alignment which can be witnessed through the Temple’s divine magic. They are given supplies, horses, and half a dozen young porters to aid them in their journey. The trip should take them at least five days to complete, given they encounter no delays.

DAY 1: The day consisted of uneventful travel. Sandralane entertains the party more-than-adequate singing skills. Late that night after the group made camp, Blackguard noticed a pair of wild Giant Ferrets who wandered into the vicinity. After alerting the party of their presence, the adventurers quickly weilded their weapons and fought off the beasts. The Ferrets, disoriented and confused by the makeshift torches the porters weilded, had a hard time attacking the adventurers. Ringlerun nearly killed one of the Ferrets with a well-placed sling bullet, but Blackguard ended up slaying both the creatures. He then proceeded to turn the Giant Ferrets into a midnight snack, but he seemed to be the only one to enjoy them. The party once again secured their campsite and the rest of the night was peaceful.

DAY 2: Another uneventful day. The porters shared their stories of last night’s encounter as the party continued southward toward the Temple. They made camp by the river which ran southward alongside the road at this point, and the night was peaceful and without interruption.

DAY 3: The party encountered a trio of farmhands on their way to Downcliff to try their hand at becoming Adventurers themselves. Cautious, the party hid in the bushes by the road and awaited their arrival before introducing themselves. The farmhands seemed agitated at the mention of the southern Temple, and advised them to avoid going there, as they had heard rumors of bad tidings in that particular area. After a short, awkward exchange, the three men bid the party farewell and continued their way north.

By nightfall of the third day, the adventuring troupe had reached the outskirts of the fishing village of Shore, nestled on the northern stretch of the small lake located in the southern half of the valley. As they drew nearer, they noticed a bright star-like pinpoint of light in the southern mountains. Before this odd feature could be pondered though, the party also noticed a rather large fire breaking out in the village ahead of them. The three adventurers made their way to Shore as fast as they could, hoping to be of assistance to the small village.

The central warehouse of Shore had been set aflame! The three quickly learned that the perpetrators were a group of mysterious monsters who had suddenly come out of the lake and began attacking the townspeople unprovoked. Eager to help the local militia fight off these reptilian humanoids, Blackguard, Sandralane, and Ringlerun made haste for the docks, where the men were currently locked in battle with a wave of the foul beasts. After a short engagement, Ringlerun invoked a Sleep spell, quickly rendering four of the creatures defenseless. Three more of the beasts came after the party, and a bloody melee ensued. Ringlerun quickly fell to the claws of one, and Blackguard was mortally wounded after slaying two of the lake monsters. Sandralane was able to dispatch the final creature, and drug Blackguard to safety. The warehouse fire was finally quenched, and Sandralane went to work aiding the wounded and dying citizens of Shore, as well as her companion Blackguard. Ringlerun was beyond saving though, and would be laid to rest with the other dead.

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